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Reds, whites, bourbon, rye, and scotch, oh my! Voted "Best Wine List" by Wine Spectator, as well as "Best Whisky Bar" and "Best Wine List" by Milwaukee Magazine, and one of the "30 Best Whisky Bars in the United States" by Brown-Forman, we owe all the credit to our superior boutique wine list and thoughtful selection of rare, aged brown spirits.

In fact, our cognac selection dates back to 1879.


Doesn't sound like your thing? Fret not - we have a vast array of unique, premium vodka, tequila, rum and bottled beer. Or perhaps you'd prefer one of our first-rate beers on tap, which includes our two exclusive Sprecker beers, Ghost Ale and Shadow people.

Much like our food menu, we aim to offer an ever-changing beverage assortment that reflects a wide variety of regions and flavor profiles.

Make sure to ask your bartender or server about our current additions! 


Pernod Absinthe

Absinthe (6).png

Absinthe is a highly potent spirit derived from several plants, green anise, sweet fennel & other medicinal and culinary herbs.

Historically referred to as la fee vert ("the green fairy"), Absinthe has been known to induce a dream-like feeling, visions, and psychoactive experiences. Come try a taste.

Shakers Signature Absinthe Cocktail: "Death in the Afternoon"

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