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Careers & Hiring

Career opportunities at Shaker's Cigar Bar are far from your conventional service industry job.

We're looking for driven, talented staff members to join our phenomenal team!

Shaker's Cigar Bar isn't your run-of-the-mill business, and thus we're not looking for run-of-the-mill employees either. As an illustrious and expanding conglomerate, we require top-notch staff who are willing and able to bring substance to the table, work well within the team, are passionate, committed, and provide genuine interest in all that we are and represent.


- sous chefs - line cooks - prep cooks - dishwashers -

Ready to start your culinary career? We're hiring for multiple back-of-house positions and are willing to train. If you can follow directions, execute recipes and are eager to learn, apply now and start your journey with Shaker's Culinary Program! Experience required for immediate cooking positions.


- mixologists - servers - rooftop bartenders - hosts - cigar salespeople -

Our front-of-house staff must arrive with more expertise and professionalism than that at your local dive, and we promise you'll leave with more than just a paycheck. Make a real career as part of our bar staff in an upscale and truly surpassing establishment. Ideal candidate is prompt, works well under pressure, self-sufficient, experienced & a team player.


Named as one of the top-five most haunted bars by both Huffington Post and Wine Enthusiast, we need passionate tour guides who can thoroughly set forth an experience adherent to the sordid past of both Shaker's and Milwaukee. Arts/theater/history buffs, performers and story-tellers are highly encouraged to apply. More info available at


- videographers - media & marketing professionals - finance experts - janitorial workers - and more! -

Got talent? We want it. If you think you can offer a positive contribution to our world-renowned and unique business, there's no end to the positions we have waiting for you here.

Full or part-time positions are available.

Walk-in applicants are welcome, or send your resume to for more info.

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