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What's on the Menu?


We love selling cigars to you, because it gives us a chance to get to know you a little bit – you know, on the surface – nothing creepy. Smoking that “It’s a Boy” cigar your buddy gave you on the golf course last year? Perhaps we can help you into something a little more comfortable. Feels good, doesn't it? Sit down. Relax. Let’s take the next step. Here… have a cocktail menu. See anything you like? Oh yes, we know, it’s all good stuff. Nothing but the best for you. Drink up, baby. We want to go all the way, and the next step is dinner. Have you seen the menu? No? Oh, I see, we’re moving too fast, but you like us. You know you do; you can’t help it. We’re charming and attractive. Take your time, baby. We’ll go a step further on the next date. We appreciate someone who wants to take it at their own pace.

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Gentlemen lean to Bourbon
Powerful men lean to Scotch
Powerful Gentlemen lean in no way -
and they boldly declare that they'll "have one of each!"
And they have not a care
what you feel about that
And you see this take place
And you want to be that
So you "have one of each"
Then you turn in your cups
And the others look on
For your lean is now gone

- Old Folk Traditional

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Is it true absinthe? It is.

Absinthe makes you crazy and criminal, provokes epilepsy and tuberculosis, and has killed thousands of French people. It makes a ferocious beast of a man, a martyr of a woman, and a degenerate of the infant, it disorganizes and ruins the family and menaces the future of the country.

Which is why we limit you to 3 per evening.

Enjoy a traditional louche with water, or absinthe as a cocktail, such as Hemingway's noted creation; Death in the Afternoon.

Death in the Afternoon

1 oz. Mata Hari absinthe
4 oz. Lamarca Proseco
1 Bob-a-Loo's Proprietary Bitters Cube

Sip slowly 3 - 5 per day (Sip the first 3 at Shakers)

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Classic Cocktails

From the French 75 found in back alley gin mills, to the classy Manhattan seen on Madison Avenue, we will gladly handcraft a classic cocktail to suit your impeccable taste.

How do we do a French 75?

Shake gin, simple syrup and lemon over ice and strain into 2/3 of a cocktail glass. Top with Champagne.

The drink was created in 1915 at the New York Bar in Paris. The combination of ingredients was said to have such a kick that it felt like being shelled by the powerful French 75 mm field gun.

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Winter Menu

The following award-winning creations are based upon several proprietary sauces and marinades with origins in lively Cajun, Pacific Rim, Caribbean, and South American cuisines: you will find these taste treats perfect for grazing or appetizer fare, each with its own sense of purpose for perfect contrast and compliment.

Have a look at the menu here

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