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To be announcedPinkerton and The Magnificents

Best Live Music Extravaganza in Milwaukee. Period. and for those fiscally responsible... the continuing series of Third Thursday Shows at Shakers Cigar Bar with The Magnificent's is Complimentary... and includes discounts on Shakers proprietary Ghost Ale & Shadow People Lager.


February 14thHangman Radio

What is it?
- Hangman Radio is a Milwaukee based project which focuses loosely on actual historic events and people, and turns their stories into lovely heroic and timeless pieces. Long live brothel workers, dirty politicians, incompetent blue collar workers, and the dead!
- we re-create the magic of radio noir with world-class story-telling and script-writing, nationally acclaimed voice actors, and unbelievable live music talent all at the historic Shakers Cigar Bar in downtown Milwaukee.
- Most live shows run about 30 - 60 minutes with a follow-up performance by Sir Pinkerton and the Magnificents.

This Show:
- Is a tragic tale of love with the subject being a hapless idiot barrel maker who cannot make a friend to save his life (literally). He is being romantically pursued by a well meaning Russian girl - the daughter of a shop owner and Russian Vodka Mogul. Of course he is too thick to notice.
- February 14th's show will include a Russian Standard vodka martini and a Sprecher Beer.

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